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Dive Into the Intelligence of Business Analytics

Our Services & Solutions

Business Intelligence Services

We are business consultants who combine business knowledge with the best practices of data visualisations. We help businesses getting actionable insights by building Microsoft Power BI dashboards. Modern businesses utilise their data to drive the performance of their business and we help them achieve it.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts provided end to end business and product lifecycle consultations based on the insights we get from you by one on one consultations. We help businesses finding out the intelligent ways to achieve better performance and accelerate their profits and reducing expenses.

Support & Maintenance

We deliver ongoing support and maintenance to the Power BI dashboards to make sure that the data is live and running smoothly for decision makers to use it for their business’s insights at any given day 24/7.

Hands-On Training

We provide Microsoft Power BI one day trainings and weekend courses. We offer one on one training sessions and group sessions for individuals and small businesses to be self sufficient in managing their business data.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Elite Analytix helps businesses make intelligent decisions through our custom-made Power BI business intelligence dashboards. We at Elite Analytix use our knowledge of business and expertise to ask questions for better performance. The insights through our Power BI dashboards help businesses save time and effort to generate number of reports to analyse the information.

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